Sl No. State Required no.of
C/Nor's Tax
Invoice Copies
Type of Form / Permit  Required
I Andhra Pradesh 3 E-way bill (electronically generated) compulsory for
all goods except the following
E-way bill compulsory for all goods
except the Fallowing :
      1] house hold goods, 1] house hold goods
      2] goods meant for personal use 2] goods meant for personal use
      3] exempted goods mentioned below: * 3] exempted goods. *
      *1]Agricultural implements manually operated or animal
driven, hand operated sprayers including knapsack/ backpack power sprayers (powered up to 35cc engines developing 0.8 to 1.4HP) dusters and parts thereof.
      2. Aids and implements used by handicapped persons  
      3. Aquatic feed, poultry feed & cattle feed including grass,
hay and straw and feed supplements and nutrients
      4. Betel leaves  
      5. Books periodicals and journals including maps.
charts, globes and atlases
      6. Charkha, Ambar Charkha and Gandhi Topi  7. Charcoal  
      8. Jowar, Maize, Ragi, Bajra, Kodan, Kutki, Barley, Varigalu
or variga rice, Korralu or Korra Rice.
      9. Condoms and contraceptives  
      10.Cotton yarn in hank and silk yarn in hank  
      11. Curd, Lussi, Butter Milk and separated milk
hay and straw and feed supplements and nutrients
      12. Earthen pot          13. Electrical energy  
      14. Firewood other than casuarina poles, eucalyptus
 logs & cut sizes thereof 
      15. Fishnet & fishnet fabrics  
      16. Fresh milk and pasteurized milk other than
UHT milk and skimmed milk powder
      17. Fresh plants, saplings and fresh flowers  
      18. Vegetables & fruits other than those cured, frozen,
 preserved, processed, dried, dehydrated or canned.
      19. Garlic and Ginger  
      20. Bangles made of shells, glass, lac or any other  
             material other than those made of precious metals  
      21. Handlooms, parts &accessories thereof and goods  
            produced from handlooms.   
      22. Human blood &plasma  
      23. Kum kum, Bindi, alta and Sindur  
      24. Meat , Flesh of poultry , fish including dry fish, prawns,
lobsters, crabs, shrimps & other sea food except when they are sold in frozen state or in a sealed container; eggs, live stock and animal hair.   
      25. National Flag     26.  Organic manure  
      27. Non-judicial stamp paper sold by Government
Treasuries; postal items like envelope, post card etc, sold by Government  rupee note, when sold to the Reserve Bank of India & cheques, loose or in book   
      28. Raw wool        
      29.   Semen including frozen semen  
      30.Silk worm laying, cocoon and raw silk other than raw
silk from outside the country  
      31. Slate & slate pencils  
      32. Coconut, Tender green coconut  and Copra  
      33.Toddy,Neera & Arak  34. Unbranded bread & unbranded Rusk      
      35. Salt including processed and branded salt  
      36. Water other than-   
 I) aerated, mineral, distilled,  medicinal, ionic, battery, de-mineralized water, and
ii) water sold in sealed container
      37 Prasadam, Bhog or Maha Bhog by Religious Institutions  
      38 Plantain Leaves      
      39   Bamboo Matting  
      40 Puffed Rice, Parched Rice, Murmuralu and Atukulu  
      41 Husk of pulses, paddy, groundnut and wheat bran  
      42 Leaf plates & leaf cups-pressed or stitched & loose &
unstiched vistarakulu
      43 Unbranded broomsticks  
      44 Seeds for sowing and gardening purpose including the
seed or grain, corresponding to the seed, sold to the nodal agencies namely, Andhra Pradesh State Seeds  Development Corporation (APSSDC), Andhra Pradesh State Co-Operative Marketing  Federation (Andhra Pradesh Markfed), AP State Co-operative Oilseeds Growers Federation (OILFED), The Hyderabad Agricultural Co-operative Association Ltd.(HACA), National Seeds Corporation Ltd., & also including the seed or grain procured by the seed companies, duly  following the Seed Certification or Labeling Procedure
      45 (Deleted)  
      46 (Deleted)  
       47 (a)Un-manufactured tobacco covered under tariff heading
No. 2401 of the central excise Tariff Act, 1985 (5 o 1986 )
(b) Bidis(biris) covered under tariff item No.24031031, 24031039,24031090 of the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985 (5 of 1986)
      48 Rakhi  
      49.Fabric,Made ups &garment made of Khadi cloth  
      51 Crochet laces  
      54.Mesta or Bimli extracted from plants of the species 
Hibiscus cannabinus,Hibiscus sabdariffa var.altissima
      55. Pippalamodi.  
      56. Coir and Coir products excluding rubberized Coir mattresses  
      57. Khandasari Sugar.  
      58. The following goods, sold by Canteen Stores Depart
 -ment or the Indian Naval Canteen Services, either directly or throughtheir unit-run Canteens, to the Army /Navy/Air force personnel both working and retired and who are eligible for purchasing goods from them.
      59.Sale of goods to any unit located in Spl.Economic Zone  
      59-A. All goods sold to units, operator, developer, Co-developer
and Contractors engaged by them for  use in processing area of
 the respective Special Economic Zones except the goods listed in rule 20(2) (a) of the Andhra Pradesh Value Added Tax Rules,2005
      60. Nawar      
      61 Goods sold to transit passengers  both
Incoming & outgoing, at the duty free shops established at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad, Ranga Reddy District”
      62. Zari   
      63.  (Delited)                 
      64. Fertilizers, at the point of sale by PACS directly to the farmers  
      65. Transfer of right to use feature films (in digital or physi
-cal form) by film producers to distributors or exhibitors
      66. Cotton fabrics, man made fabrics, woollen fabrics,
textile made ups, bed  sheets, pillow covers, towels,
blankets, traveling rugs, curtains & embroidery articles.
Transporter should electronically generate declaration in Form 650 for goods transported  in to the state and surrender at entry check post
Transporter should electronically generate
declaration  in Form 651 for goods transported to outside the state.
II Andaman & Nicobar 3           -              -
III Arunachal Pradesh 3 DG-01              -
IV Assam 3 Form  61Road permit in form 62 For import for personal consumption  or use in manufacture to be obtained at entry check post Form 60
V Bihar 3  e-suvidha form /16 digit electronic transaction identification
number required for taxable goods booked to registered dealers/ unregistered dealers (to be generated by the transporter)  Form D-VIII   for intra state movement.
Transit pass to be obtained at entry check post by submit- -ing electronically generated application and surrendered at exit check post if goods are passing through state Form e-suvidha is not required for the following goods :
Form D-X
       I. When the declared value of taxable goods booked to a
registered dealer is less than Rs.10,000/-.
       II. When exempted goods detailed below are booked to a
registered dealer of Bihar :
      1]  Coarse grains      
      2] Fresh vegetables and fresh  fruits  
      3]  Fresh meat, fresh fish and livestock  
      4]  Unprocessed and unbranded salt  
      5]  Fresh milk and pasteurized milk   
      6]  Fresh  eggs  
      7]  Unpacked plain water   
      8] Books & periodicals &journals  
      9]  Unbranded bread      
      10]  Betel  leaves  
      11] Handlooms excluding handloom products  
      12] condoms and contraceptives  
      13] Curd, lassi and butter milk,     
      14] Electrical energy  
      15] glass bangles,     
      16] Kum kum and bindi  
      17] Aids and implements used by handicapped persons  
      18] Poultry feed and aquatic feed  
      19] green garlic and green ginger      
      20]  Firewood  
      21] Agricultural implements exclusively worked by human 
or animal 
      22]  Raw  silk   
      23]  Raw wool  
      24] Indigenous hand-made musical  instruments  
      25] Fresh flowers     
      26] Saplings      
      27] Cotton yarn in hank  
      28] Cart driven by animals       
      29]  Rakhi  
      30] Sacred thread, commonly known as yagyopawit  
      31] Idols made of clay     
      32] Clay lamps  
      33] Bangles made of shell, plastic, lac or glass  
      34] kites     
      35] Takhti    
      36] Poha murmura laktho lai and  Mukundana           
      37] Sattu  
      38] Goods mentioned in clauses(iia), (vii), (viii), (ix) and
(x) of section 14  of the Central Sales Tax Act, 1956
VI Chandigarh 3 Only TIN              -
VII Chhatisgarh 3 Only TIN Form 60,in case of transportation of 
personal goods
      Declaration in Form 60 when goods are booked to a person for
personal use Form 59 when notified goods are transported across check post
VIII Dadar &  Nager Haveli 3           -              -
IX Daman & Diu 3           -              -
X Delhi 3 electronically generated Form DS-2 for all interstate
purchase, import and stock transfer of goods
XI Goa 3           -              -
XII Gujarat 3 Electronically generated Form 403 Electronically generated Form 402
      Form 405 : Online transit pass application in Form 405 for all
vehicle stransporting taxable commodities passing through state
XIII Haryana 3           -              -
XIV Himachal  Pradesh 3 Form XXVI for transportation of goods for Form XXVI
      Business purpose Form XXVIA for entering state limit Form XXVIA   for Leaving state limit
XV Jammu & Kashmir 3 Form  65              -
XVI Jharkhand 3 Electronically  generated  e-road permit in form
JVAT 504G or JVAT504P Permit in Form JVAT 503 for transport of
own goods
XVII Karnataka 3  Electronically  generated  e-sugam form for 
notified commodities  *
 e-sugam form for dispatches of specified  
**goods  by registered dealer as result of  sale when the value exceeds Rs.25,000/-
e-sugam for all stock transfer and return goods and repair/rejected goods
      * 1] Automobile parts & accessories thereof all kinds **  1 ] Arecanut
      2] Bitumen ( Asphalt)  and Cold Tar     2] All kinds of automobile parts & 
accessories thereof
      3] Cement 3] Bitumen ( Asphalt)  and Cold Tar  
      4] Cement Concrete Blocks and Cement bricks of all size 4] Cardamom
      5] Chemicals of all kinds 5] Cashew
      6] Dry  Fruits   6] Cement
      7] Edible oil including Vanaspathi 7] Cement concrete blocks and cement bricks
of all sizes
      8] Electrical goods of all kinds including appliances 8] Chemicals of all kinds
      9] Electronic goods of all kinds 9] Coffee  Seeds
      10] Flooring / Wall tiles of all kinds 10] Cotton
      11] Furniture and prats thereof of all kinds     11] Edible oil including  vanaspathi
      12] Glass of all forms 12] Electrical goods of all kinds including
      13] Granite / Marble blocks,slabs and tiles 13] Electronic goods of all kinds
      14] Hardware of all kinds      14] Flooring / Wall tiles of all kinds
      15]  Hosiery goods 15] Furniture & parts thereof of all kinds
      16] Iron &steel as described in item iv of
Sec.14 of the CST Act, 1956
16] Glass in all forms
             17] Granite / Marble blocks, slabs and tiles
      17] Khaini,Cigaretes, Zarda & all tobacco products 18] Hardware of all kinds
            all kinds of tobacco other than Raw tobacco, 19] Hosiery goods
          Pan Masala, Pan Chatnis, Scented Snuffs & Kheemam 20] Iron and steel as described in item iv of
Sec.14  of the CST Act , 1956
      18] Machinery of all kinds, parts and accessories thereof 21] Khaini, Cigarettes,Zarda & all tobacco
 products,all kinds of tobacco other than Raw tobacco, Pan masala,Pan than Raw tobacco, Pan masala,Pan Chatnis,Scented snuffs & Kheemam
      19] Non ferrous metals in all forms 22] Lubricant oil including Waste oil
      20] Oil cake of all kinds     23] Machinery of all kinds & parts thereof
      21] Ores of all kinds 24] Non-ferrous metals in all forms
      22] Packing materials of all kinds    25] Oil seeds including copra    
      23] Paints 26]  Oil Cake of all kinds
      24] Paper of all kinds      27] Ores of all kinds
      25]  pepper 28] Packing materials of all kinds
      26] Plastic Granules / Powders of very description 29] Paints 
      27] Plywood, Veneers, Boards including flooring boards
and laminated sheets
30] Paper of all kinds    
      28] Ready Mix Concrete 31]  Pepper
      29] Ready made garments, clothing accessories
and other made up textile articles mentioned  in Entry no.78 of  Third Schedule of the KVAT Act.2003
32] Plastic Granules / Powders of every
      30]  Sanitary fittings of every description 33] Plywood, Veneer, Boards including
 flooring boards and laminated sheets
      31]  Tea     34] Ready Mix Concrete
      32] Timber including Eucalyptus and Casurina
Transit pass for specified *** taxable goods be obtained  at entry check post by submitting electronically generated  application & surrendered at exit check post if goods are  passing through the state
35] Readymade garments, clothing accessories
and  other made up   textile articles  mentioned in Entry   textile articles  mentioned in Entry no.78 of Third Schedule of the KVAT   Act, 2003    36] Rubber
      ***  1] All kinds of automobile parts and accessories 37] Sanitary fittings of every description
       2] All kinds of electrical goods and appliances 38] Scrap of ferrous & non-ferrous Metals
       3] Cement    39] Tea
       4] Edible oil including Vanaspathi 40] Timber including Eucalyptus  and Casurina
       5] Flooring / Wall  tiles of all kinds    6] Glass       
       7]Granite / Marble blocks,slabs and tiles   8] Gutka    
       9] Iron & steel as described in item iv of Sec14 of the 
CST Act, 1956
      10]  Plywood,Veneer, Boards including flooring boards
and laminated sheets
      11] Timber including Eucalyptus & Casurina        
      12] Areca nut     
      13]  Pepper      
      14] Cashew       
      15] Rubber Sheets        
      16] Scrap of all kinds       
      17] Oil seeds of all kinds     
      18] Readymade garments  
XVIII Kerala 3 Transaction slip for each invoice when consignment
is moving to a registered dealer when own goods are transported e-generated Form 16 along with Transaction slip when consignment  is valuing more than Rs.20,000/-.
Form  15    (same as earlier ST 27B)
      Manual Form No.16 for consignment valuing between
Rs,5000/-to Rs.20,000/- when own goods are transported
Form 8FA for Air cargo consignments
      Form 8FA  for Air  cargo consignments  
XIX Lakshdweep 3           -              -
XX Madhya Pradesh 3 * Form 49  for registered dealers  Form 49 for *specified goods booked by  
         Form 50 for transport of own goods  the registered dealers detailed below:  
         Form 59 electronically generated Transit pass application in Form 59 for all consignments passing through the state.  Form 50 for transport of own goods
      * 1] Crockery of all kinds * 1] All kinds of oil seeds and Bidi (Beedi)
      2] Floor and Wall Tiles   2] Vegetable & edible Oil
      3] Foot wears           3] Cotton  (ginned or unginned)
      4] Furniture 4] Marble ,Mobile  phones & parts thereof
Cellular handset and parts thereof
      5] Hosiery goods and Ready made Garments 5] Granite
      6] Papers of all kinds   6] Coal including coke in all its form excluding
      7] Petroleum products ( excluding petrol Diesel, LPG) 7]Pan masala & Gutka
      9] Utensils    8] Packing materials ropes and twines
      10] Coconut    9] Spices
      11] Cosmetics &Toilet articles 10] Tendupatta
      12] Cushions,pillows,mattresses and other articles made of rubber or foam rubber or plastics foam or other synthetics foam or rubberised coir
11] All kinds of Hosiery Goods & Ready made
      13] Electrical goods,  cables and electric wires     
      14] Electronic goods  
      15] Hardware goods  
      16] Iron and Steel  
      17] Kirana goods & dry fruits    
      18] Laminated sheets,Plywood Particle & black boards 
and veneers  
      19] Machinery &  It,s parts      
      20] PVC Granules and  lamps     
      21] PVC Pipes and fittings  
      22] Packing materials, ropes & twines  
      23] Pan masala and Gutkha  
      24] Parts of motor vehicles & accessories thereof  
      25] Photographic goods     
      26] Plastic goods    
      27] Sanitary goods and fittings      
      28] Sugar     
      29] Tea    
      30] Timber      
      31] Vegetable and edible oil    
      32] Bidi &Cigarette    
      33] Cotton  (ginned or unginned)  
      34] Fire Works like ( pathake and machis)  
      35] All kinds of oil  seeds  
XXI Maharashtra 3           -              -
XXII Manipur 3           -              -
XXIII Meghalaya 3 Form 40
Transit pass to be obtained at the entry check post and surrendered at exit check post if goods are passing through the state
Form 37
XXIV Mizoram 3           -              -
XXV Nagaland 3           -              -
XXVI Orissa 3 Form 402     (same as earlier ST 32 ) Form 402 (same as earlier  ST 32)
      402A [same as earlier ST 32A]for casual dealers  or persons  
XXVII Pondicherry 3           -              -
XXVIII Punjab 3           -              -
XXIX Rajasthan 3 Form 47 Form 49
XXX Sikkim 3 Form  25              -
XXXI Tamil Nadu 3 Transit pass for specified **commodities to be obtained at
entry check post & surrendered at exit check post if goods are passing through the state
 Form  JJ
       ** 1] Diesel engines     
      2] Marbles     
      3] Raw rubber  
      4] Refrigerators,Air conditioners, Air coolers and water coolers  
      5]  Washing machine  
      6] Alcoholic liquors of all kinds for human consumption
other than toddy and arrack
      7] Foreign liquors, that is to say, wine,spirits and beers  
          imported in to India from foreign countries & dealt with  
           under the Indian Tariff Act. 1934 ( Central Act.32  
           of 1934) or Under any other Law for the time being    
           inforce relating to the duties of customers on goods     
           imported in to  India  
      8] Kerosene    
      9] All types of plastic granuals and plastic raw materials  
XXXII Telangana 3  Form  600  for sensitive goods ( same as earlier ST X ) mentioned below are booked to dealer of Telangana State  Form  600   (same  as earlier  ST X )
      1] Marbles, MarbleTilesand Marble Articles.  
      2] Sheet Glass,Plate Glass and Mirrors.]  
      3] Laminated sheets of all kinds, Plywood,Particles board, Lamin board,MDFboard,Batters board,Hard or soft boards, insulating board, Veeneered Panels ,i.e. flush doors  
      4] Plastic moulded furniture  
      5] Timber and logs cut into sizes such as beams,rafters and planks  
      6] Electrical Wires, switches,switch boxes,all kinds of  bulbs and lights, washing machines, Transformers and Generators  
      7] Parts &Accessories of automobiles &automobile spare parts including spare parts of tractors and bulldozers  
      8] Beedi Leaves       
      9] Bitumen  
      10] Ceramic Sanitary Ware  
      11] Cement sheets and Asbestos sheets  
      12] Aluminum Products other than conductors & utensils  
      13] Arecanut, betel nut and betel nut powder  
      14] Flour, Atta, Maida, Sooji, Besan and rava  
      15] Paper of all kinds and news print  
      16] Allkinds of Foot wear (including plastic footwear, sports shoes) shoe polishes of all kinds, Polish brushes and shoe horns  
      17] Vegetable Oils all kinds  of vegetable oils including solvent oil sand coconut oil  
      18] A]  Iron and Steel, that is to say   a]  Pig Iron,Sponge Iron and Cast Iron including ingot moulds & bottom plates b] Steel semis, ingots, slabs, blooms and billets of all qualities, shapes and sizes c] Skelp bars,tinbars, sheet bars, hoe-bars and sleeper  bars d] Steel bars, rounds, rods,squares, flats, octagons and hexagons,  plain and  ribbed or twisted in coil form as well as straight length e] Steel structurals,angles, joints,channels,tees, sheet piling sections .Z sections or  any other rolled sections f] Sheets,hoops,strips and  skelp, both black and galvanized hot and cold rolled, skelp, both black and galvanized hot and cold rolled,plain and corrugated in all quslities g] Plates, both  plain and chequered in all,qualities h] Discs  rings  forgings and steel castings I] Tool alloy and special steels of any of the above categories j] Steel tubes, both welded and seamless, of all diameters and lengths including tube fittings k]  Tin plates both hot dipped and electrolytic & tin free plates  l] Fish plates  bars, crossing sleepers and pressed steel sleepers, rails heavy and light crane rails m] wheels,tyres, axles & wheel sets n] Wrire rods and wires rolled,drawn, galvanized, aluminized, tinned or coated such as  by copper B] Iron and Steel scrap, that is to say,i] Iron scrap, cast-iron scrap  runner scrap and iron skull scrap  ii] steel melting scrapin all forms including  steel skull,turings and borings iii] defective rejects, cuttings or end pieces of any Categories of item (I) to (xiv) of entry 71  
      19] Oil seeds, that is to say I] Sesamum orTil (Orientale)  ii] Soyabeen (Glycine Seja)  iii] Rape  seed and mustard e] Toria (Brassica campestris  vartoria) f] Rai (Brassica Juncea) Jamba-Taramira (Eruca satiya)  g] Sarson-yellow and brown (brassica compestris varsarson) I] Banarasi Rai or True mustard ( Brassica nigra)  iv] Linseed (linum  usitatissimum) v]Sunflower (Helianthus annus)  vi] Nigar Seed ( Guizotia abyssinica) vi] Nigar Seed  (Guizotia abyssinica)Neem, Vepa (azadi rachta indica)  viii] Mahua, illupai, ippe (Madhuca indica, M. Latifolia) Longifolia ix] Karanja, Pongam, Honga (Pongamia  pinnaa syn.P.Glabra) x] Kusum (Schleichera Oleosa,  syn.S.Trijuga) xi] Punna, undi (Calophyllum, Inophyllum)  xii] Kokum (Carcinia  Indica) xiii] Sal (Shorea robusta)  xiv]Tung (elaeis gunenisis) xvi] Safflower (corthanus tinctorius)  
      20] All kinds of pulses and dhals  
      21] All kinds of packing material including Hessian cloth and jute twine but excluding  storage tanks made of  any materials  
      22]Castor seed  
      23] Vanspathi  
      24] Cashew Nuts      
      25] Generators and its spare parts  
      26] Paddy and Rice  
      27] Fire works and Crackers,  
      28] Valves and others  
      29] CeramicTiles and GlazedTiles  
      30] Sugar excluding Khandsari Sugar  
      31] Cotton Fabrics, Manmade fabrics,Woolen Fabrics,
Textile, made ups,bed sheets, pillow covers, towels,
blankets, traveling rugs, curtains, and embroidery articles,
excluding fabrics, made ups and garments made from
Handloom / khadi cloth.
XXXIII Tripura 3  Form XXV  Form XXVII
XXXIV UttarPradesh 3 Form of declaration for import in Form XXXVIII  for Registered dealers              -
      Form XXXIX  for unregistered dealers  
      Transit pass when goods are passing through the sate  
XXXV Uttaranchal 3 Form XVI              -
XXXVI West Bengal 3 Electronically  generated  Form 50 Form 51
      [ acknowledgement  slip number ]